"AGC catered my birthday party/dinner and it was truly OUTSTANDING. They were able to accommodate EVERY dietary restriction that our guests had (and there were plenty - no grains or gluten, some vegetarians, organic only, no dairy, etc). The food was beyond fabulous, they were a joy to work with, the setup was beautiful, and everyone commented about how delicious everything was. We will use them again for sure and I highly recommend them to anyone who needs catering."
- Rick Bleiweiss
"Alexandra is an Artist in the fullest sense of the word. Her dishes are gorgeous and tempting. Then, every single thing you sample is better than the last. Each bite is the best thing you’ve ever tasted, until you try the next bite and are amazed that you can stand the pleasure of something even more delicious than the last.

I have had the great good fortune of enjoying several different events and menus with Alexandra. Each time, I am mesmerized by the creativity and gracious delivery. It feels like we guests are always being treated like royalty."
- Liesl Garner
"Alexandra and company exemplify exquisite mastery in every beauty filled, artistic, delectable bite. You find yourself savoring every level of depth in flavor, every music for the eyes masterpiece of a dish displayed for the love of it, every unreal luscious morsel from a veritable feast of abundance. Heart-breakingly lavish. Impossibly delicious. Excellence created. Truly out of this world??"
- Julia Schauer
"Me and all my friends will drive miles and miles to enjoy Chef Alexandra’s Cuisine. Everything she makes is unbelievably delicious along with being served with a beautiful pleasing flair that makes you want to consume it. Just thinking about her dishes is making me looking forward to hiring her for some events real soon"
- Beverly Phelps
"The events Alexandra has hosted are memorable, not only for the incredible line-ups of dishes, but everything is done with extraordinary flair and grace. I've tasted amazing foods blended in ways I never would have the first inkling to put together. She makes the whole occasion deliciously warm and relaxing, a lasting impression for the soul."
- Catherine E.
"Alexandra is an extraordinary hostess and a fantastic chef. I've attended two dinner parties she's thrown, and in each case the variety, flavors, abundance, and presentation of foods were excellent. The second party was advertised as tapas, but it was easy to make a complete meal out of all of the dishes she provided. I highly recommend Alexandra and Ashland Gourmet Catering for taste, presentation, and professionalism."
- Grant Ruiz
"Incredible service with great tasting food. 5/5 would recommend"
- Easy Seeds and Clones
"Her creations are a feast for the eyes and the mouth! You can be assured of a successful event if you trust Alexandra with wowing your guests."
- Steve L
"Alexandra is a true artist. I urge everyone to experience one or more of her amazing creations!"
- Thomas Ewing
"The food tastes as good as it looks!"
- Applegate Soils
"The food is so beautiful and delicious!"
- Candyce Carbajal
"Absolutely beautiful set up and delicious food! I was part of an intimate event catered by Ashland Gourmet and they did an amazing job. Even as small as our party was, the ladies made it look luxe and feel special. I would definitely hire these wonderful women to do another event! I'm trying to find reasons to throw a party, JUST so I can have them do the food!"
- Samantha LongleyHall
"I sampled this as part of the "Taste of Ashland" event on April 28, 2019. Their '72 Ingredient Oriental Chicken Salad' was outstanding! Very yummy, so many delicious flavors perfectly combined! Great job!"
- Eileen Weed
"Dear Alexandra and Lilli - YOU ARE THE BEST!!! Thank you so much for your lovely food presentation, natural and beautiful, and MOST DELICIOUS. I was so happy with everything you did in such an efficient, conscientious manner which of course eased my mind over the event for my late twin sister. I know she would have loved seeing it, being with her dear friends, and partaking in a very loving and memorable day for all of us. I can't use any more adjectives to describe how pleased I was with your job, along with Jolene. Thank you for helping me and making lots and lots of people happy, too. I will recommend your catering to others as number 1 in Ashland. Congratulations on being sooooooooooooooooooo good at what you do."
- Caroline Morse
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